Lotta’s Fountain

Meet me at the cast-iron fountain.” Located at the intersection of Market St. and Geary and Kearny is Lotta’s Fountain. After the great quake of 1908, San Francisco residents would meet at Lotta’s Fountain, to make sure friends and family were alright. Nowadays, its become an historical landmark which adorns the streets of San Francisco.

Twin Peaks

Located at near the heart of San Francisco is Twin Peaks. You may access Twin Peaks by car, but be aware that parking is limited. If you go, go at it by foot or bike. Prepare for a good workout as ascend an elevation of 125 ft. Wanderers who make their way to the top are rewarded the most spectacular panorama of San Francisco.

Peace Pagoda | Japan Town

The Peace Pagoda in Japantown is a concrete stupa, a Buddhist monument, designed to provide focus and inspire peace. Designed by noted Japanese modernist architect Yoshiro Taniguchi, the Peace Pagoda was presented to San Francisco in 1968 but its sister city Osaka, Japan.

AT&T Park

AT&T Park is home to the City’s Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise, the San Francisco Giants. Around the park you will find a statue of Willie McCovey, named after the famous first baseman. You’ll also find McCovey Cove, aka China Basin, where on game day – you’ll find kayaks and stand-up paddleboards in its frigid waters in hopes of catching a homerun ball headed in their direction.

You’ll also find the Lefty O’Doul Bridge, named after the famous player and manager of the same name. Wander around and see what else AT&T Park has to offer. Maybe find a place where you can view a game for free…

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Moraga Tiled Steps

Located at 16th and Moraga are 163 beautifully handmade, mosaic tiled steps created for the masses to be enjoyed. But before you walk up the stairs and up towards Grand View Park; take a step back and take in all of the beauty that is the mosaic steps. See the animals, locate the birds, find the fish, Sun, and the Moon. Then, once you’ve had a chance to appreciate the Art and hard work needed to create it – walk up the stairs. Once atop the stairs, turn around, look out beyond the homes and the City… and out towards the Bay.

Pier 39

One of the most popular tourist attractions by the Bay is Pier 39. Popular because of its spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the new Bay Bridge, and more. Popular because there are numerous places to shop, delicious restaurants to eat, entertaining street performers and talented artists. But don’t take my word for it.

Marina Green Park

Marina Green Park is located between Fort Mason and Presidio and is adjacent to San Francisco Bay. The big draw of Marina Green Park: spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge Alcatraz Island. And the great weather is perfect for an outdoor picnic and/or sports activities on the grass.

Dutch Windmills

Originally constructed in 1903 to pump groundwater for park irrigation, the Dutch Windmill stands today as a landmark where the Dutch community celebrate culture and traditions. You may also find beautifully adorned tulips there, as well.

Painted Ladies

Classic, charismatic, and colorful. That is the best way to describe the houses you see built in San Francisco. Classic because the houses were built in the Victorian and Edwardian styles. Charismatic because of the houses undeniable character. And colorful because that is what made these houses so famous in mainstream media. And one of the most famous? Located at Steiner St. across from Alamo Square are the “Painted Ladies” – a row of houses you may have see in a postcard of San Francisco, or more famously, on your favorite TV show or movie. Can you guess which one?

Land’s End Labyrinth

Created by local artist, Eduardo Aguilera on the Vernal Equinox in 2004, the Labyrinth at Eagle’s Point is a wonderful place to find peace and serenity. As you walk through the Labyrinth’s maze, let your mind wander to the furthest reaches – then enjoy the magnificent view of the Gold Gate Bridge and bay.